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* Announcement from Michael W. Jones

* Message from Mike Sigman

Announcement from Michael W. Jones

From: "Michael W. Jones" <mwjones@pond.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 10:30:20 -0500


Former editor of INTERNAL STRENGTH magazine, Mike Sigman, will be giving a
2-Day Workshop on Internal Strength as applied to Taiji Push Hands practice
in the Philadelphia Area on FEBRUARY 7-8, 1998. (*Please note change of
date from prior announcements). Proper manipulation of peng (i.e., ground
strength) is the hallmark of internal martial arts such as Taiji, Xingyi,
Bagua, Aikido, etc.

It is expected that Saturday morning will cover basic static peng drills,
learning to manipulate the ground strength through the 4 primary vectors
(i.e., up/down/out/back), etc. Saturday afternoon will focus on basic
fa-jing drills, learning to release the short power characteristic of Taiji,
Xingyi, Bagua, etc. Sunday will be devoted to application of internal
strength in Taiji Push Hands drills.

Although prior attendance at one of Mike S' Internal Strength Workshops is
preferred, it is not required for this event. ;^)

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Baltimore Pike & Providence Road
Media, PA
Double occupancy rooms reserved for seminar at $66/nite.
Exit 2 (Media) of I-476, RHS 1 mile through large intersection.
Approximately 15 minutes from Phila. Int'l Airport.

COST: $130/both days; $30 deposit reserves a spot.

CONTACT: Michael W. Jones
515 Plymouth Road, Apt. A-7
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Hope to see you there! ;-)

Michael W. Jones

Message from Mike Sigman

To: Neijia <Neijia@lists.stanford.edu>
Subject: neijia: Philly Push-Hands Workshop
From: Mike Sigman <mikesigman@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 08:14:19 -0700

When I took Calculus in college, we spent a quarter deriving the logic
and mathematics behind the summations and approximations that validate

When I learned the applications part, I was happy to learn how to just
plug in values and make that sucker work for me.... to heck with all
that time I wasted learning the theory. However, the niceties of
Calculus intrigued me enough that I later went back and took another
look at some of the theory.

In the same manner, I sometimes wonder if I may not spend too much time
making people work on the theories of body mechanics at some of the
workshops. I don't think so, but I could be wrong in a pedantic sort
of way. :^)

So for the Philly workshop, I am going to only spend a minimal time
working on the basic theory and spend more time on practicing the actual
use of power and push hands using that power and strategy. It's an
experiment. Perhaps getting some unquestionably workable results will
entice more people to go back and work on the basics that are so boring.

For the people that are coming: please work on your legs. Do squats.


Mike Sigman

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