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Welcome to this small collection of web pages related to Internal Strength magazine. If you've been here before, you can probably skip directly to the list of issues of the magazine or the Peng Article Index. There is a small collection of related material from sources other than the magazine itself, as well as limited information about workshops.

This site last changed on November 1, 2005: if you haven't checked in for a while, you can find out what's new.

Published in 1993 and 1994 by Watercourse Publishing and edited by Mike Sigman, the magazine gives its Statement of Purpose as follows:

Internal Strength magazine offers commentary and instructive articles which are related to those martial arts using "internal strength". Efforts will be made to insure that viewpoints reflect knowledge and experience in the substance of martial arts, not personal interpretation, experiments, or theory. In short, we will try to publish honest, helpful information for fellow enthusiasts. We solicit knowledgeable articles and comment from our readers, who we hope will share their knowledge and enthusiasm in the same spirit that we do in this magazine.

These web pages reproduce, with permission, the "Training Tip" and "How To" articles from the magazine, which together give a clear overview of Mike's ideas about internal strength, with a particular emphasis on the definition and role of peng. Illustrations have been included where appropriate.

Unfortunately, Internal Strength was only published for six issues and is now completely unavailable on paper.  Mike Sigman still gives workshops, though, and if you are interested in learning more your best bet is to contact him and find out if you can meet up.  Mike also publishes some video tapes about this material.

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