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What's New?

The "Internal Strength" web pages are normally pretty stable: this should not be a surprise, given that they are mainly transcripts from the corresponding magazine articles. I will make changes from time to time, though, so you can check back here once in a while if you want to keep up to date.

The list below is arranged with the most recent changes shown first. If you're a skimmer, the most important ones are marked with one of these: *

1 November, 2005

bullet * Updated the e-mail address for Jesse Marandino. Added a link to the page describing his February, 2006 workshop in Austin, Texas.

9 October, 2005

bullet * Updated the e-mail address for Mike Sigman.
bullet Removed some old e-mail addresses and web links throughout the site.

31 March, 2003

bullet Removed my old work e-mail address, now defunct.
bullet Tweaked navigation slightly.

26 January, 2003

bullet Fixed some navigation problems introduced by the move to the new server.
bullet Allowed references to index.htm/index.html as well as the canonical base URL in case anyone had bad bookmarks stored.

17 December, 2002

bullet Removed the search page, as it does not work on the new host.

12 June, 2002

bullet * added Galway, Belfast and Bristol 2002 workshops to the workshops page.
bullet Changed my own E-mail address on the workshop organisers page.  D'oh.
bullet Changed Ben Milton's entry on the workshop organisers page and elsewhere.
bullet Added Niall O'Floinn and Petesy Burns to the workshop organisers page in respect of their upcoming workshops.

18 October, 2001

bullet The old neijia.org site has gone inactive and turned into a porn site.  I have therefore removed my link to it and replaced it with a link to Internal, Inc.

08 December, 2000

bullet Added a counter to the front page.  Having moved ISP, I no longer get usage logs as such so this is the closest I can get to knowing whether the site is actually being used.

11 June, 2000

bullet * This version of the site is now resident with my new ISP.  Added a comment to the front page about how best to link to the site.
bullet Noodled the layout a bit to make it easier to maintain.
bullet Removed the mirrors page completely.

7 June, 2000

bullet * Started to prepare this site for its migration to my new ISP.  Changed my E-mail address throughout.

23 October, 1999

Yes, nearly a year since the last update!

bullet * Added two UK workshops in late November 1999 to the workshops page.
bullet Added a paragraph to the main index page covering the fact that Internal Strength is no longer published or available at all for that matter.
bullet Removed some really old irrelevant junk from this page.  Kept a lot of it for sentimental reasons, though.

29 July, 1998

bullet Fixed Andreas Graf's E-mail address on the upcoming workshops page and the workshop organisers page.

29 June, 1998

bullet * Completely revised site navigation based on FrontPage's "themes" facility.  Please let me know if anything odd appears to be happening with this.   Feel free to comment on the changed appearance, too, even if it appears to be working properly.
bullet * Added two UK workshops in late 1998 to the workshops page.

13 June, 1998

bullet I have now upgraded to Microsoft FrontPage 98. If anyone spots anything going wrong as a result of this, I'd be obliged if they'd let me know.
bullet Reordered the old workshops page so that the most recent information is at the top of the page.  Added some more old workshops, mainly to include the organisers' E-mail addresses.  Fixed Frank Wong's Seattle seminar link so that people can find him again.
bullet Added some upcoming European workshops to the workshops page.
bullet Added a list of past workshop organisers.
bullet Removed information about defunct Edinburgh practice group.

22 December, 1997

bullet * Change Mike Sigman's E-mail address. Again.

31 March, 1997

bullet Added web and mailing list references to the related material page.

2 February, 1996

bullet * Change Mike Sigman's E-mail address.

10 December, 1996

bullet Moved workshops which have happened to an old workshops page.
bullet Added publication information for the interview to the related material page. Also added a link to the T'ai Chi Union of Great Britain, whose magazine it was published in.

26 October, 1996

bullet * Changed some of the contact information for the Edinburgh Workshop. Added a page for the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School so that people know how to get there.

17 September, 1996

bullet Added contact information for the Philadelphia, PA and Tempe, AZ workshops to the workshops page.
bullet The redirection pages have gone into effect on the www.cassiel.com web site now.

31 August, 1996

bullet * Added a section on workshops. This is not exhaustive, and at present only covers the workshops I'm directly involved in: it's really there just so I have a home for information about the Edinburgh workshop.
bullet Added a mirrors page, although as we don't actually have any mirrors at present I've not referenced it elsewhere...
bullet Added an "Ian Young" page so that I can tidy up the various references to myself throughout the site, including page footers.

21 August, 1996

bullet Added explicit Copyright claims to each of the substantial pages so that they carry through into printed copies.
bullet Tidied up Watercourse Publishing's surface mail address.

10-16 August, 1996

bullet * Reorganised index structure: the index of issues is now a separate page, just like the Peng Article Index.
bullet * Added an index for related material, which at present includes just an interview I did with Mike Sigman.
bullet Added this "What's New" section. Obviously.

March, 1996

bullet Created first version of the "Internal Strength" web pages. Many thanks to Nick Rothwell who hosted them at his Cassiel web site. The main tool used for this version was the Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word for Windows 95, augmented by some Perl scripts also run under Windows 95.

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