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This is a list of people that I know have previously organised workshops for Mike Sigman.  If you are interested in attending a workshop with Mike, and you can't see a suitable one listed in the upcoming workshops page, then contacting one of these people might be worth a try; certainly, they would be likely to know about upcoming workshops in their area.



Vienna: Ernst Krudl


Bristol: Ben Milton
The Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan
0117 9493955
0781 1566791

London: Karel Koskuba


Munich: Andreas Graf


Galway: Niall O'Floinn (niallofloinn7@hotmail.com)

Northern Ireland

Belfast: Petesy Burns (petesyb@yahoo.com)


Edinburgh: Ian Young

North America


Vancouver, B.C.: Lou Crockett

United States of America

AZ: Tempe: Robert Singer

CA: Los Angeles: Terrence Brannon

GA: Atlanta: Jess Bowers

PA: Philadelphia: Mike Jones

TX: Austin: Jesse Marandino

VT: Badford: Charles Blodgett

WA: Seattle: Frank Wong

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